Privates & Special Needs

Private Lessons

Cartwheels offers one-on-one private or semi-private lessons for children, teens & adults.  Sessions are typically ½ hour and we will work with you to find a convenient time in the gym and match you with a suitable instructor based on your needs.  Private lessons are booked through our main office at each Cartwheels location, Richmond & Surrey.

Why book private lessons?
–          A focused & concentrated lesson to achieve a certain skill
–          Assistance with choreography or routine workout
–          Assistance with building strength or flexibility
–          Private settings can accommodate children with special needs

Special Needs
Cartwheels is please to offer integrated, private, semi-private or group lessons for children with special needs.   We will work with you to explore what option may be most suitable for your child.  Several of the Cartwheels staff have special training and/or experience working with special needs children.  Please contact the office to discuss how we can accommodate your child.