Little People Program

Ages Walking – Kindergarten
The Little People Program is a physical activity program especially for pre-schoolers and children in Kindergarten.  It’s suitable for any youngster who is: wanting to Learn, needing Activity, yearning for Adventure, eager to Move, hungry for Skills and craving Excitement!

“Parent & Tot” (Walking – 3 yrs)
Your child’s first gym class! This class is for our youngest gymnasts with their parent/caregiver. It focuses on both sensory and gross motor development, co-ordination, balance, strength, flexibility and fun!!

“3 All Me” (ages 3-3 ½)
A program for children who have participated in Parent & Tot, are 3, and are ready to participate without a parent or are 3 1/2 yrs, and are new to Cartwheels. Special ratio of 4:1.

“Preschool Gymnastics – Beginner” (ages 3 ½ – 4 ½)
A fast paced class geared to channel this age group’s energy in a positive direction. This class provides opportunities to build social skills, self-confidence, and develop physical and motor attributes including: flexibility, strength, power, and endurance as well as balance and spatial orientation. All this in a gymnastics setting! Music, free play, creative movement, games, themes, individual and group activity makes this class a whole lotta fun!! Children are grouped by age and ability.

” Pre-school Gymnastics – Intermediate & Advanced” (ages 4 – 5)
For the “experienced” preschooler.  This class provides the same opportunities as our “beginner” class with more time spent on skill development . Children will be grouped by age and ability.

” Pre-school Plus – (ages 4 – 5)
An 1 ½ hour program for experienced pre-schoolers to learn more advanced skills.

KinderGym!  (ages 4-6 Kindergarten)
A class specifically designed for children in kindergarten. No previous experience required.

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