An Advanced Recreational Program For Ages 4 & Up

The Gymstars program is designed for children who seek more challenge and want to participate in gymnastics more than once a week. Gymstars have the opportunity to participate in fun meets and at the annual province wide Gymnaestrada event. Gymstars practice twice a week for a total of 3-8 hours depending on the program.

Mini Gymstars- Ages 4-6 years (1½ – 3 hours)
An advanced recreational program especially for preschoolers & children in Kindergarten. Mini-Gymstars provides an opportunity for this age group to become more involved in gymnastics. Children come to the gym, twice a week for a 1½ hours.

Boys & Girls Gymstars Program – Ages 6 & up (4 & 6 hours)
If you are between the ages of Gr. 1-13 years old, want to do gymnastics twice a week for a total of 3, 4 or 6 hours, want to have fun, be part of a team and would like the opportunity to participate in all the Interclub* activities, then this program is for you!! Gymnasts will learn routines on all the Olympic apparat

* Interclub is a province wide category for Advanced Recreational participants. Athletes will have the opportunity to attend “fun” meets and perform in gymnastics shows.