ADRENALINE ALL-STARS (Competitive Cheer Squad)

Cheerleading has changed significantly in the past ten years, and while sideline cheerleading at sporting events still exists, all-star cheerleading is taking the world by storm. Cheerleading now encompasses sideline cheer, recreational cheer, varsity cheer, and all-star cheer. While twenty years ago you would find most cheerleaders outside on the sidelines, wearing polyester and shaking pom-poms, today you find most of them training rigorously inside facilities designated to the newfound sport of all-star cheerleading. It is now feasible to imagine the sport of cheerleading becoming an Olympic event, and we look forward to that day!  While the name of the sport remains to be “cheerleading”, we think that a more suitable name for the sport we see taking over North America today, is “motivational leading”.

Cartwheel’s Incorporated is proud to offer both recreational and competitive (all-star) cheerleading classes to anyone with experience or not and with the desire to become a motivational leader. Members in the recreational cheerleading program are commonly referred to as our “cheer bears” or “cheer girls”. Our competitive cheerleading program is known as the Adrenaline All-Stars. The difference between the two programs is that the Adrenaline All-Stars spend the year learning a routine (which is choreographed) that they use at both local and international competitions. The recreational cheerleaders spend their sessions working on cheerleading skills that they will demonstrate at performances, but not competitions.

The Adrenaline All-Stars is a competitive cheer program for girls and young women which provides opportunities for athletes to attend competitions in BC, Canada and the US. The program is a 10-month commitment beginning in September and continuing until the end of June. Cheerleaders will experience the thrill of being part of a team, goal setting, hard work, acquiring new skills, and building lasting friendships.Please refer to the Adrenaline All-Star’s official website to learn more about our program so that you can make an informed decision about becoming part of the Cartwheel’s family and the Adrenaline All-Stars program.