All programs promote enjoyment, self esteem, friendships and the FUN, FITNESS AND FUNDAMENTALS of Gymnastics!!

Achievement Program ( Boys & Girls Gr.1- 13 yrs)
This fast paced program is for boys and girls in grade 1 or higher wanting to experience the fun and thrill of gymnastics! Participants will learn skills on all Olympic apparatus (e.g. vault, uneven & parallel bars, balance beam etc.) as well as mini-trampoline and trampoline. The program promotes physical fitness and allows children to achieve new skills by focusing on their strengths and encouraging development of their weaker areas. Both the boys & girls achievement program consists of a system of progressive levels that each child works on at their own pace. Children will be grouped according to age and ability.

Achievement Plus +
A two hour class for girls or boys in level 5 or higher in the Achievement program. Gymnasts will have more time on the apparatus and have the opportunity to learn more advanced skills.

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