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Our goal is to create a lifelong love for fitness through fun, challenging gymnastics and movement activities.Supported By car rental.

Dear Valued Cartwheels Gym Member:

We are very pleased to announce our recent Merger with Wayland Sports of Richmond
BC. Combining Cartwheels Gym and Wayland Sports provides a unique opportunity to
expand program offerings and take both Wayland Sports and Cartwheels Gym to new
heights for your children.

Wayland Sports, established in 2002 by Ying Wang and Gen Liu is a multi sport facility dedicated to providing positive,encouraging, yet challenging programs of exploration and instruction to children and young adults – giving them theopportunity to learn new skills, overcome their fears and build a solid foundation for their mental, physical and spiritual
health. Wayland Sports offers instruction from their beginners “learn-to-swim” classes, lifesaving programs, competitive swim club, recreational and competitive badminton, table tennis lessons and recreational gymnastics programs. Wayland Sports combines thoughtful, excellent coaching, instruction and support in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Please viewtheir facility and program offerings at www.waylandsports.com to find out more!

After over a decade of providing exceptional customer service, family centered scheduling, quality programming and an excellent coaching team, we understand and appreciate your loyalty and commitment to the Cartwheels family. We want to
assure you that although there is a shift in ownership (effective June 23, 2014), the Cartwheels staff & administrative leadership will not change. Katherine Campbell will remain at the helm with all of the same staff and coaches supporting the
operations and program delivery. Rest assured it will remain the “Cartwheels” as it has been, but a whole lot more!

Some of you may have some immediate questions about this exciting development. In anticipation, we would like to provide you with the following foreseen questions and answers.

Will Cartwheels Gym Richmond/Surrey service change?
Cartwheels will continue to provide the same services offered today. There is no question that in time as programming opportunities across the facilities develops, new and exciting choices will be available to your family.

Will the locations be the same?
Yes and then some! We will continue to operate both our current locations, in Steveston and Surrey, and in addition to these two locations we will add a third location, Wayland Sports’ 37,000 square foot facility which is located in Ironwood, SouthEast Richmond. Stay tuned to learn about the exciting new opportunities the facilities will offer.

What will the name of the organization be going forward?
Cartwheels Gym will remain the name of both Surrey, Richmond and the gymnastics program located at the Wayland Sports facility.

Will there be any changes to the fees?
No major changes are planned for. Cartwheels fees have traditionally shifted each new season to reflect inflation.
Cartwheels Gym Richmond & Surrey have always shared a core philosophy and set of values that hascreated the successful culture, staff and organization that your family knows and loves. We areconfident that this strong tradition will continue. You may count on updates from time to time to inform you about new and enhanced services for our

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